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Care Affair Success

We are delighted to announce the final results of our 2023 Care Affair event. Thanks to overwhelming community support, this year's event was a tremendous success. We were able to raise over $60,000 for local hospitality workers. Contributions will go a long way in supporting many local workers as costs from food to housing continue to increase.

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to every one who contributed to this event. Thanks to generous donations for auction items and great food by local chefs, our attendees were able to have a memorable experience.

CDAIDE Care Affair appetizers by local chefs

CDAIDE’s Care Affair offers appetizers by local chefs

Chefs included:

Chef Christian Kearns, Sysco Foods

Chef Greg Nehlich, Private Chef & 2022 Chef Challenge winner

Chef Reannan Keene, izzy’s

Chef Ryan Foti, Olympia & The Floating Green

Chef Shane Clark, Pow’Waw

Chef Travis Dickinson, Cochinito Taqueria

Stay current with CDAIDE events by visiting our Events Page

Want to see all the event photos? Visit our Photo Album Page

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