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The purpose of entering into a Mentor-Coach relationship is:


To cultivate respectful, genuine and purposeful relationships that support people who are actively seeking self- awareness and are open to making positive life changes.


In accepting a Mentor-Coach I understand my rights include:

  • To be listened to thoughtfully and compassionately, without judgment.

  • To be treated with honesty and integrity by my Mentor-Coach and CDAIDE.

  • To expect what I share to be held in confidence, having only the details necessary to secure outside support shared with CDAIDE. (If a situation arises that my mentor-coach feels could result in harm to myself or someone else, I understand that any health and safety concern overrides the agreement to confidentiality.)

  • To expect appropriate boundaries by my mentor-coach not limited to, but which includes, meeting in a public place that is mutually agreed upon.

  • To help determine the frequency of meetings.  

  • To decide to discontinue meeting with my Mentor-Coach.


In accepting a Mentor-Coach, I understand my responsibilities include:

  • Honoring our meeting time and giving notice if I need to reschedule.

  • Working towards building an authentic relationship founded on trust and respect.

  • To honestly assess my life situation, with my Mentor-Coach’s support, reflecting on my vocational and personal goals (e.g. decision-making skills, communication skills, money management, etc. . . .) and to take the lead in creating a plan for achieving my goals.

  • To inform my Mentor-Coach through direct communication if I decide to discontinue our meetings.

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