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Simple ways to support Hospitality Workers

There are several ways we can show our support for local hospitality workers:

  1. Tip generously: Leave a generous tip for the service staff, especially during the slow times when they are working under challenging circumstances.

  2. Order takeout: Sandwiches at the beach. Breakfast at sunrise. Sunset dinners in the park. Keep your kitchen clean, avoid the hassle of packing food, and just relax with a great local meal.

  3. Leave positive reviews: Leave positive reviews on review sites or social media platforms to help promote the restaurant and attract more customers.

  4. Be patient and understanding: Understand that hospitality workers are working under stressful conditions and may be short-staffed. Be patient and understanding with them.

  5. Donate to support hospitality workers: All donations help. Can you only offer $5 a week? $5 a week is $260 a year! As living costs continue to go up the need does as well. Every little bit helps! Donate today!

  6. Volunteer: There are many ways that you can be supportive without having to make a financial contribution. We use volunteers for events, outreach, and as part of our care team. Interested? Let us know here!

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