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Did you miss the Care Affair’s great food? Visit our chefs locations!

The Care Affair featured appetizers from four local chefs.

If you missed the event there’s still an opportunity to see what they have to offer at their local restaurants. Visit our chefs locations!

Visit our local chef’s locations in Coeur d’Alene

Top Right: Ryan Foti, Olympia Top Left: Travis Dickinson, Cochinito

Bottom Right: Shane Clark, Pow’Waw Bottom Left: Reannan Keene- izzy’s

Olympia is located on Lakeside between 3rd St and 4th St.

Cochinito Taqueria is located on Government Way between Orchard Ave and Hayden Ave.

Pow’Waw is located in the Silver Lake Mall parking lot.

izzy’s Comfort Kitchen is located on 4th St between Reid and Montana.

We appreciate the generosity of each chef. Their time at our event and their willingness to take part in our auction helped us in our mission to raise funds for our local hospitality workers. Their community engagement and support is truly inspiring.


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