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CDAIDE Volunteer

I started as a committee member on the CDAIDE care team when we first got going. As part of the care team I have had the privilege of visiting with people who come to our organization through referral. Listening to people’s stories and helping them identify their strengths and areas that CDAIDE can support in has been part of my role. To further assist the individual with care we talk with them about the resources/referral agencies in the community that are key in supporting them to move forward in their self-sufficiency goals.

The impact of being involved with this organization has brought to the forefront of my mind the incredible high needs in the hospitality industry. Knowing this is just one group of many different classifications of working people who fall into the ALICE population is a bit overwhelming. It has made me want to research and get familiar with a more connected system of resource and referral for people in need.

I believe that because we are a resort town, most people think employees in this particular line of work make good money because of the tourists. I think the impact CDAIDE’s outreach has had in the community has been in the number of people who have been made aware of the needs of this working class of people (hospitality industry).

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