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CDAIDE Volunteer

I volunteered to help CDAIDE immediately after I attended a fundraiser at the Resort in February. I was so taken with the generosity of people in our community to help those with seasonal jobs in their time of need. Wow! Sign me up!

Since then, I have had the amazing opportunity to speak with and interview those in a financial pinch due to the seasonality of the hospitality business. I worked with a lady who had her tires and wheels damaged and could not get to her job. CDAIDE worked with Les Schwab and got her 4 new tires and wheels and she was able to get back to working. She was super grateful!

Another girl was not able to make enough money to cover her rent for April as her job was completely shut down (a restaurant). We were able to pay her landlord for the month and she got back to work the next month and was able to take over. This just got her through the rough patch!

Again, the generosity of others is what is helping people during this difficult time, and I get to be a part of this! It really makes me even more thankful and grateful.

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