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CDAIDE Volunteer

Two years ago, when the idea of CDAIDE was just a dream, our church became acquainted with the owners of a wonderful local food truck. This couple served an amazing variety of food for breakfast and lunch. Several of our church members would frequently stop in for some delicious food.

As they became better acquainted with the husband and wife team it became apparent that the husband was having some health issues. Shortly thereafter several learned that he had been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. During the time of treatments and major medical bills his wife and other family members were attempting to keep the food truck up and running.

Several of us decided to approach our church family to not only frequent their food truck to keep it going, but also make some financial donations. Our church family generously embraced this couple and we were able to offer not only financial, but also emotional support. After several months the husband passed away and our monetary donations were able to assist with those final expenses as well.

While the food truck is no longer in existence and his wife has moved closer to family, we cherish the time we were able to reach out and connect with them.

It was partly this experience that convinced the church to move forward in starting what would become CDAIDE.

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